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Post  [sAc]-MrFantastic on Sun May 10, 2009 10:58 am

With the new release of Mgamers tools you can see the latest news from Call of Duty fan sites such as CoD files and IWnation.

If you want it to grab news from another websites, give me a link to the website by email or leave a message in Mgamers tools shoutbox.

If you dont know what is Mgamers tools, take a look of its features:

* Nick generator - Make your nick with writing effect.
* Call of Duty single player level unlocker.
* Mod cleaner. Cleans all your PK \ IWD files and moves it to backup folder
* Random messages:
--- Makes 6 binds groups with random messages
--- Makes another bind that shows what song you are listening in Winamp
--- Makes variables in the bind groups that shows what weapons do you have, amount of ammo and health etc.. (see the readme file for more details)
* Server tools:
--- Server scripts that changes the score limit by amount of players and game type
--- Server schedule. Did you recieve complains of one of your community members that they dont like SD in the morning hours and preffer DM? your can change it automaticaly with Mgamers server schedule! How does it work? you set a time, for example 8:45 and choose a config file that changes the game type to DM. So, you can make daily schedule like this one:

06:00 set the gametype to DM with rifles only
09:00 more player come to server, so lets change it to TDM rifles
12:00 All weapons TDM
14:00 British campaign - only british maps..
18:00 Russian campaign (Russian maps..)
22:00 US campaign
02:00 All maps TDM but rifles untill 06:00 AM

--- Console messages
* Server favorits. Make a list of your favorite servers, then choose filters like: your prefferd game type or map, ammount of players, lets say more than 10 players and run a server scan every few seconds for the most suitable server according to your favourites list.


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