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No Servers for MW2 Empty No Servers for MW2

Post  [sAc]COZMICS on Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:02 am

I've listened the 70min of it And I'm afraid it's can true.

In fact I'm worried sick about it!

From what I understood about this, the way we play Call of Duty will change forever:

No dedicated servers mean also no clan server, no servers list. Instead we will have a matchmaking system called IW.NET very similar to X-box Live and PSN.
That mean the only option we are left with to play together will be private matches but even in that case forget about enforcing our rules with scrolling message or having a language filter software.
Well, that may not be a big deal since we will not be able to meet new peoples in a private match.

Forget about MOD and custom maps, that's history now, you will be able to change a few things in a private match but only what Infinity Ward allow you to.

No more Punkbuster! MW2 will be probably running with Steam since the anti-cheat software will be VAC.

Basically we will have a console game, pure and simple!

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